Dating Coach Gives Controversial Opinion About Paying On The First Date In Viral Video

You’ve had a great date. You dropped some killer anecdotes, made sure to sell how amazing, clever and hilarious you are, and laughed at every one of their jokes. But then you realise, the end is nigh…. here comes the bill.

The ‘who should pay the bill on a first date’ debate is quite a serious topic of discussion, and one that is definitely a bigger deal in the USA. Going halfsies in the UK seems to be less of a drama, but for daters in the states such a thing is much less common. It also probably helps that us Brits have more manners than sense.

I’ve read enough dating advice for women in my time to assume that dating coach Matthew Hussey would probably be telling women to embrace the valuable princessesthey are, and expect all men to pay for all things ever – but alas, I was wrong.

In his video, which has now been watched over 13 million times and shared by 250,000 people, he puts forward a much more thoughtful suggestion:

If you can stop staring at that mysterious stain on his shoulder long enough to pay attention to his lesson for these women, it’s actually a pretty nice one.

Women should always offer to pay on a first date, but men should probably pay anyway. But in a long term dating situation, you should treat the person you’re dating like you would your best friend: would you expect your best friend to pay for you every time you go out?

The answer to that was no, I hope.

Dating coach Matthew Hussey rose to fame after his book ‘Get The Guy’ was New York Times best seller, and has since starred on various TV shows giving love advice, and racked up over 400,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel dedicated to videos giving women advice on finding love.

Just bear in mind that all of the women who screamed ‘the man’ when he asked who should pay for the date, were already in a position where they had to go somewhere to brush up on their dating skills – so not necessarily a great reflection of womenkind.

Who do you think should pay on a first date? Let us know in the comments

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