Charlie Sheen Wants People To Throw “Some Dog Sh*t” At His Daughters Old School

Charlie Sheen is calling upon everyone to throw shit, toilet paper, and rotten eggs at a school formerly attended by his daughter because she was bullied. He tweeted:

Justin Bieber is now apologizing for what he said about Lindsay Lohan in an Instagram rant that was deleted and then replaced with a cleaner version.

He told TMZ:

“My post was only up for a few minutes but I realized right away that what I said at the end was wrong and distracted from what I was trying to say.”

Bieber goes on: “I immediately deleted it and rewrote it so it would show what I was really feeling and those words are up now.”

Liam Hemsworth is moving on from Miley and has allegedly settled into a $1.6 million house in his birthplace of Sydney, Australia.

Nicki Minaj was 13 minutes late to the first live show of American Idol. She blamed it on the L.A. traffic.

Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice took the Tube in London for the first time in 17 years and live-tweeted the event.

Michael Bublé and his wife are expecting a baby boy. Congrats to them!

Even though she’s only 34 years old, Jennifer Love Hewitt is thinking about freezing her eggs.

Kristen Stewart maybe has a girlfriend or just a friend who is a girl.

Corbin Blue – you know, Zac Efron’s sidekick from High School Musical – is joining the cast of One Life to Live.

Lena Dunham does not want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. So there.

The Veronica Mars movie is happening.

Matt Lauer will supposedly NOT have his contract renewed for the Today show next year.

Lil Wayne was hospitalized again, but has since been released.

Penelope Cruz is pregnant and in a bikini.

Not sure if you knew…but Al Pacino has a 33-year-old girlfriend. He’s 72.

Remember Sanjaya from American Idol? He’s singing in the subway now.

Someone stole $100,000 worth of jewelry out of Julianne Hough’s car.

Bethenny Frankel is doing “sorta good” after her split from Jason Hoppy.

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