20 Hot Dating Tips From HBO

1. Bad Things Happen When You Date Your Sister

2. Try To Enjoy Fun Activities Like Peyote With Your Mistress

3. A Coffee Stain WILL End Your Marriage

4. Even If Your Mom’s A Total MILF, Don’t Do It

5. If You Love Someone, Try Shooting Them With Lightning

6. You Probably Shouldn’t Date Your Husband’s Killer… Unless He Makes Bank

7. Don’t Marry For Love

8. Marry For Love

9. Don’t Get a Stripper Pregnant

10. Hold On To A Guy Who Will Hold Your Retainer

11. Some Like it Rough

12. Embrace Their Quirks

13. The Younger the Better

14. Respect Her Mind

15. Be Open to Office Relationships

16. The More The Merrier

17. Impress Them With Your Ride

18. Make Time to Get Busy

Flight Of The Conchords

19. Show How Great You Are With Children

20. It’s Not A Proper Wedding Until 6 People Die

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/virginmobilelive/20-hot-dating-tips-from-hbo

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