Ariel Winter Thinks It’s Hilarious We All Believed She Was Dating Again

Maybe youve heard a rumor or two that Modern Family star Ariel Winter is taken.

Well, I have good news if you ever had hopes of meeting the 18-year-old.

She put all rumors about her dating21-year-old actor Sterling Beaumon to bed with a single tweet.

She couldnt have chosen a more perfect GIF.

You have to love her choice of meme to go along with this tweet.

I mean, theres single, and then theres single AF. Theres a clear difference.

Being single AF is basically when youre so single, youre just over it. At that point, youre just living life and barely trying to date.

Sterling is pretty cute. Im sure if Ariel wanted to date him, she could.

But theyve been friends for a long time. So just because theyve attended a few events together recently means nothing, people.

To really get her point across, she also posted the message to fans on Instagram.

Ariel is obviously just living her best life by getting ready for college,posting her booty on Instagram and hanging out with other actors.

I mean, what else is a single AF girl supposed to do?

The actress just got out of a relationship with longtime boyfriendLaurent Claude Gaudette about two months ago, so shes probably just taking her sweet time and enjoying the single life.

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