The Smartest Smarties On Internet Dating Sites

There are a few characteristics almost everyone would fill in when answering the question, “I want a partner who is ____.” Kind. Attractive. Funny. Thoughtful. And, hopefully, intelligent. Whether you’re dating online or off, someone hot and smart is a pretty common desire. But when you’re online and you’re trying to sell yourself to potential mates, “show, don’t tell” is really the best tactic. And what will show the internet hordes that “I’m smart”? Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. A few decent books. And the good sense not to write long, rambling diatribes about how great you are. Like this Canuck on OkCupid, who, to his credit, at least understands that in life and in love it’s usually smart to leave the best for last:

I am an attractive, passionate, intelligent, down-to-earth man seeking an attractive, passionate, down-to-earth woman to hang-out with, who actually knows how to have fun, and ultimately for a sensual connection – anything else we find is icing on the cake.

I’ve yet to meet a woman who can keep up with my stamina and libido, so it really cracks me up when I read all of these profiles on here stating “you have to be able to keep up with me”!

I have come to the very sad realisation that there are waaaaaaaay too many Princesses, gold-diggers, and prudes in Vancouver. Someone please prove to me that there are at least SOME women left who don’t have “Expectation” as their middle-name; “you must be able to make me laugh” written on their profile, or have some other equally ludicrous expectation that a man should be a woman’s personal court-jester.

A mentor of mine told me years ago that I am “very intimidating to women”. I thought she was insane. I asked her why on earth she would think such a thing? Her response was “You’re highly intelligent, good-looking, and sure of yourself. That’s rare and it scares the hell out of most people.” Sadly it’s true – people either love me or hate me! lol Don’t get me wrong – I’m a very nice man, but that doesn’t mean I put up with bs from women. There will be absolutely NO games or drama. One example of either and I’m out of the equation. That includes the dating process – I am not into endless emails, texts, calls before meeting. We should know right away whether or not we want to meet, if so, then we meet. I have no time for those that want to delay the process.

So I am definitely not your typcial pu$$y-whipped Vancouver boy, by any stretch of the imagination.

If you consider yourself “highly opinionated” save yourself for someone far less secure in who they are. <img src="×72/1f609.png&quot; alt="


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