This Man Smashed Up A Wedding Because He ‘Didn’t Know Anyone’

Being somebody’s plus one at a wedding can be nerve-wracking. You don’t know anyone, you hate small talk, and you want to make a good impression on your partner’s friends.

Probably the best way to make a good impression is to abuse some substances, assault your girlfriend (the chief bridesmaid), smash up some guests’ cars, smear some poo on the walls and break some plant pots.

No, wait. That’s the worst way to make a good impression.

As The Lancashire Telegraph reported, Alex Rees had fallen out with his girlfriend prior to her friends’ wedding. He was ‘anxious’ and ‘reluctant to leave his room’ as he didn’t know anyone.

Instead of, you know, sucking it up and having a good time anyway, or worst case scenario, leaving, Alex got drunk, and then got violent with his girlfriend, dragging her into a bush and screaming in her face.


He also went on a drunken rampage, causing 20,000 worth of damage to cars, personal property and plant pots, before smearing poo all over the walls.

Sentencing Alex to 16 months in prison, Judge Newell at Preston Crown Court said:

“The consequences involved were not just the damage because damage can be repaired. The hotel can be repaired and cleaned.

But theres absolutely no way that the bride and the father of the bride can rectify that wedding day. That is a very serious personal issue and in those circumstances the gravity of these offences is escalated.”

Alex shouted ‘sorry’ to the members of the bridal party that were present to see him plead guilty tofive counts of criminal damage, and one of assault.

It’s probably a bit late for apologies now.


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