The Dating Apps You Should Use, Ranked By Your Level Of Hopelessness

I have very mixed feelings about dating apps.

As much as I want the perfect boyfriend,Im also such a friggin hopeless romantic that Im more or less morally opposed to using a datingapp to find said perfect boyfriend.

I want to bump into him on the street while jogging, or accidentally spill my coffee on him.Dammit, I want a street-meet romance. (I know that sounds a little ridiculous. Honestly, it feelsa little ridiculous to write.Its more likely that I wouldmeet himthrough friends,or at some randomapartment party.)

But waiting for him is hard, so I defy my morals when Im bored like when Im on the toilet or listening to a friend rant about her problems andswipe through dating apps, only to be matched withsocially awkward guys or ones who send me dick pics.

Im not the only one whos struggling in the swipe rightscene.A new Dating Apocalypse survey of 300 userson dating app Hingefound thatonly ONE IN 500swipes results in an actual message, and 90 percent of users only swipe when theyre bored (like me).

The other problem? There are so many damn apps out there, you dont know which one you should go on to meet the right person. All of them? One of them? A few of them?

Well, lets go down the typicaljourney one goes on when navigating thehope-sucking rabbit hole of dating apps, shall we?


You start off starry-eyed and super hopeful.Maybe its because youre finallyover your lastrelationship,oryou keep seeing your friends successfullypairing up. Whatever the reason, you have a pepin your step.

You go out to bars every weekend with your single girlfriends and accept every party invitation no stone goes unturned on your journey for love.

Your general demeanor is all, Apps be damned!

But it doesnttake you long to realize that a) people are too caught up in their day-to-day to giveany fucksabout ~bumping intoyou~on the street, and b) all the guys you meet in bars arejust looking toget laid.

So you finally listen to your friends and bite the app bullet.


You have tosee whatall the rage is about.So, you swipe through some average Joes, tatted-up bartenders, finance bros (they all look the same), one guy who lives in his moms basement

Oh! You just gota super like! WTF is that? Sounds legit. You have to see what this guy who super-liked you is all about.

OMG, this guy could be The One. You think youre hitting it off with him during your chat, when congratulations! You get your first unsoliciteddick pic.

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