Google’s upcoming 4K Chromecast might ditch the Chrome logo

Google’s got a growing list of gadget announcements we’re expecting at the company’s October 4th media event, and this is one of the more exciting ones: a Chromecast capable of 4K playback. It’s reportedly called Chromecast Ultra, according to a previous report from Android Police – but in this new image from VentureBeat, you’ll notice that the Chrome logo is completely absent from the product’s design. Instead, right in the middle is Google’s G, which fits in perfectly with the “Made by Google” theme of this big event.

At a rumored price of $69, the Chromecast Ultra will cost quite a bit more than the existing model, which is likely to remain available for sale alongside the new UHD model. 1080p works just fine for a lot of people, after all, so Google doesn’t want to lose out on the Chromecast’s appealing low price.

Aside from the logo change, this looks pretty much exactly like the second-generation Chromecast. It’s a plastic circle with an HDMI cord sticking out; that cord attaches to the back of the Chromecast with magnets. In addition to Chromecast Ultra, the October 4th event will likely see the launch of two Pixel smartphones, Google’s Home speaker, a new Google Wi-Fi router, this Chromecast, and… well, who knows what else at this point. It’ll be a busy, fun day for sure.

A look at Google’s Home speaker

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