I Am Done With Letting My Dating Life Determine My Self Worth

I know how hard it is to find yourself as a young adult in your twenties, wondering where all of that confidence went from your youth. You ponder why that guywont text you back after your night together, and you wonder what you did wrong or what you couldve done differently. In this day and age, it has somehow become so difficult to have a simple and meaningful relationship with someone. Communication is nonexistent, and adultery is always the way out. I feel as if many young people are losing their self confidence, but more importantly, their own self worth.

Why should what someone else says, does, or feels towards us dictate how we feel about ourselves? Arent we, as an individual, entitled to procure our own self worth? We determine that, not someone else. Why, in this time, do we allow the opinions or actions of someone other than ourselves manage our own personal thoughts and feelings?

I struggle with my worth more than I think I do. I use dating apps so I can meet and connect with other people who share common interests with myself, but it always ends in sobbing fits on the bathroom floor. I am worth so much more than people think of me, and I want them to realize it. To the many dates and encounters I have had on Tinder, my biggest regret is forgetting what I am worth on these occasions. Too often I have let someone tell me what I can or cannot do. Too often I have compromised my beliefs and values in order to keep talking to someone. Too often I am left staring at blank conversations, wondering why someone wont talk to me anymore.

I have realized that my worth is not measured by how many times someone swipes right to me, or how many dates I go on, or how many people I can talk to. My worth is measured by my own actions, feelings, and thoughts. It is measured by my hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It is measured by my kindness to others and my wonder about the world. I will never let someone define my worth, so why should you?

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