Truth Behind Rebound Relationship

A rebound relationship is a relationship that blooms right after a break-up. Sometimes, people get caught in a rebound relationship if his/her relationship with the current partner is getting cold or after a long romantic relationship came to an end.

People usually tend to jump to a new relationship right after the break up for distraction. They wanted to be in another relationship in order for them not to feel the pain of the breakup. They cover the hurting feeling with so much love and affection they have for their partners. A person who just had a failed relationship usually gets involved in another relationship because of the fear to be alone. Most of the time relationship on the rebound is misconceived as a way to move on.

When you find yourself in this situation, avoid expecting your partner to correct the faults your previous partner had made. If you expect your lover to do this, you are not giving any solution to your present problem.

When the recently ended relationship is considered to be a waste of time, people get into a new relationship to somehow make up for lost time. This is something positive since it can help the present relationship to grow. The danger of it however, is it can lead someone to a wrong direction.

Masking the pain is one of the major reasons why people get into a rebound relationship and this also becomes one of the major problems of the said relationship. If you came from a bad relationship and you jumped quickly to your present relationship, you probably are using your partner at the moment and sooner or later you might leave him/her after he/she already served his/her purpose. If you immediately got involved after a bad relationship, be honest and tell your partner about your intentions.

If you are currently in a relationship which you think could be rebound, never allow your partner to take charge of the relationship for you might see yourself caught in a relationship you hardly understand and eventually, you will be left alone to pick up the pieces when your partner decides to move on. As for single people, never allow yourself to be involved in a rebound relationship or if it’s inevitable, at least allow the relationship to develop slowly and take care of yourself emotionally.

Remember that suffering and pain are ways to mold us and turn us to people who are more compassionate and empathetic. Hence, the best way is to face your heartaches and let the wounds heal first before jumping to another relationship and you will be amazed on how you have changed as a person.

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