Dating Horror Stories: 15 Cringeworthy First Dates That Went So, So Wrong

Everyone gets nervous going into their first date with someone new, which can lead to some pretty unsettling moments and some pretty unusual stories.

Whether the date takes placein a movie theater or at the fanciest restaurant in town, there’s still a chance for something to go terribly awry. We’ve all probably had our fair share ofunfortunate dates, but the poor folks below definitely take the cake when it comes to bad luckwith romance, sharing their disastrous tales on Twitterwith the hashtag #WorstFirstDate.

Honestly, I thought I had seen the worst with my ex who always made me pay for our meals and had ahabit of standing me up, buthewas not nearly as bad as some of these daters.

Have you had an even worse experience on your first date with someone? Let us know in the comments and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

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1. Big Spender


“Guy took me to the $1 movie theater, paid for me, then said in total seriousness, ‘You can pay me back later.’” @elyseanoush

2. Running On Empty


“Dinner was a hot dog and a six-pack of beer. Then he asked me for gas money.” @kfoxhouse

3. Awkward: Party Of 2


“He picked me up for dinner then told me he already ate with his parents. So he sat and watched me have pizza.” @ariadne8three

4. Freaky Teeth


“At the end of the night, he leaned in for a kiss, whispering, ‘Don’t be scared if my tooth falls out.’” @BronwynRoberts

5. Too Intoxicating


“She was so drunk she texted the next day and asked, ‘Did we go out last night?’” @rob_rosenblatt

6. Quick Stop


“On the way home: ‘Hey mind if we stop so I can do a drug test for my probation officer?’” @jadendanae

7. Emotional Reunion


“Going to a restaurant where his ex was a waitress and he burst into tears begging her to take him back…” @iamcandydax

8. Tour Guide


“He talked about himself all through dinner, then drove me around to show me where all his ex girlfriendslived.” @KimberleyD80

9. Bad Aim


“He went to the bathroom, then texted me, ‘You should call an Uber,’ because he’d peed his pants and was too embarrassed to come back.” @sfitzpatrick294

10. Brute Strength


“He covered for a botched attempt at holding my hand by taking my wrist and saying, ‘You know, I could break this so easily.’” @MelBrookeWrites

11. Meeting The Mrs.


“His car got towed, and his wife called me the next day to INTRODUCE HERSELF.” @MelissaBuntcake

12. Hair Don’t


“He cut off his ponytail and gave it to me.” @epilepticbear

13. Smooth Criminal


“Guy took me to the mall and asked me to buy him a pair of shoes. When I refused, he stole them!” @VirginiaMullar1

14. Wedding Bells


“Blind date, just seated for dinner… Within 15 minutes,he was discussing ‘our’ wedding plans.” @susanfields1953

15. Fine Dining


“My first ever dinner date. I was all dressed up, the guy took me to his house. We ate [cereal] with his mom.” @RockTique

Have an even more hilariously bad tale from your dating past? Let us know below and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

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