Teams Aren’t Full Of Scumbags: These 7 Athletes Are Perfect Boyfriend Material


Athletes tend to have a negative stigma surrounding their character, both on and off the field.

It’s unfair to classify every athlete as a liar, a cheater or a terrible father, however.

Fear not, ladies; there are still good guys out there. Here are a few athletes who prove the haters wrong:

Tom Brady


Yes, we’re all too familiar with the “Tom Brady still can’t get a high-five” jokes, but look how adorable he is playing with his kids at the park! Father of the Year award, anyone?

Not to mention, he doesn’t mind matching couple outfits. If Uggs are your thing…

Andrew Luck


Not only does he talk to his dad every day, which shows he values family, but he also still owns a flip phone.

Rest assured you’ll never catch him flipping through Tinder. I doubt he even knows what Tinder is, considering the guy doesn’t even have a Facebook or Twitter.

Peyton Manning

peyton-manning-pizza-elite-dailypeyton-manning-pizza-elite-dailyPapa John’s

He is one of the most talented, yet most humble quarterbacks. His focus is on winning games, breaking records and hopefully winning another Super Bowl.

He’s just a good ol’ southern boy. Oh, and he can give you a lifetime supply of pizza. What girl doesn’t want pizza?!

Landry Fields


Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin were like the good-guy bromance to Wade and LeBron. When they played together in New York, they had their own secret handshake, exchanged Bible verses for inspiration and participated in charity volunteer events together.

Fields even let Lin crash on his couch before the whole Linsanity era. He makes a great friend and an even better husband.

Russell Wilson


While Manziel is out popping bottles and posing for pictures with Drake and his other celebrity “friends,” Wilson is making weekly visits to Seattle Children’s Hospital, and helping strangers find their lost dog.

You’ll never catch him making snide or arrogant remarks in post-game interviews. Oh, and he isn’t scared of a ring.

Derrick Coleman

You remember the story: Twin 9-year-old sisters wrote Coleman a fan letter, calling him their inspiration. Both of the girls wore hearing aids, and Coleman is the NFL’s first deaf offensive player.

He wrote the twins back and surprised them with tickets to the Super Bowl, but he didn’t stop there. The day before the Super Bowl, Coleman was out at Yankee Stadium handing out free hearing aids. You can definitely take him home to Mom and Dad.

Spencer Lanning

spencer-lanning-elite-dailyspencer-lanning-elite-dailySteelers Nation

You may not remember him by name, but I guarantee you remember the Mortal Kombat kick to the face he received from Steelers’ receiver Antonio Brown during week one.

He later tweeted a picture of this kick, with “Wait, wait, wait … When did this happen?!?” attached to it, proving he’s a good sport and can find humor in everything.

You know what they say: If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.

Here’s to the good guys of the sports world!

Top Photo Courtesy: YouTube

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