16 Things You Should Still Do For Your Girlfriend Even After Youve Been Dating For A While

1. Flirt with her. Flirting shouldnt die out just because youve got her. If you want to keep her treat her like youre still trying to win her over.

2. Send her dirty texts. Do it when youre both at work, or when one of you is home waiting for the other person. Make her feel desired and wanted. Keep the sexual desire burning.

3. Kiss her goodnight and good morning. Dont ever go to bed without kissing her goodnight and never leave her without kissing her good morning, even if shes still sleeping when you leave. Once you stop doing that is when things start slowly falling apart.

4. Always stay honest. Dont start lying to her about anything because it will only make things worse, even if its a little lie because she will find out and it will slowly tear away at her trust.

5. Take care of yourself. Dont just get lazy and stop caring about your body because youre already in a comfortable relationship. Keep working out (or start) and eat healthy, dont let yourself go just because youre not looking anymore. Do it for yourself and do it for the person who loves you.

6. Have regular sex. When you first started dating I bet you couldnt keep your hands off her, well dont stop that now just because youve gotten used to each other. Keep the love alive and if it feels repetitive try new things, open communication is the key.

7. Surprise her with things. Dont stop doing small things for her because the small things matter. Keep writing her little love notes, or buy her a doughnut on the way home, or fix something shes been meaning to get to.

8. Ask her about her day. Its a small gesture, but ask her about her day. Ask her if she did anything shes proud of. Ask her if she had anything exciting happen to her or what the best part of her day was. Keep it positive and let her know you care.

9. Tell her you love her, but also show her. Take her to a nice dinner or cook her dinner. Tell her you love her and give her wild flowers you picked her. Tell her you missed her and go for a drive together to talk about life without any distractions.

10. Kiss her when you greet her and leave her. Just like you kiss her goodnight and good morning, kiss her every time you greet her and leave her. You never know when things could happen and showing affection is always helpful to your relationship. And throw some random kisses in there, just because.

11. Always comfort her when shes sad. Dont acknowledge her when shes sad and leave her be. Give her a hug and let her know youre there, sometimes thats all she needs.

12. Never stop doing fun activities. Never lose the child-like sense you each hold in your heart. Whatever your things are whether it be concerts, painting, four wheeling keep doing those things together.

13. Never stop the open lines of communication. Communication is the most important thing, talk about what you need to and cry when you have too, but never go to bed angry at each other. Dont let bitterness drift you apart.

14. Dont stop complimenting her. Keep telling her she looks beautiful and sexy, even when shes in sweatpants because she should still look beautiful to you. Make sure she knows it. You can never hear compliments too many times.

15. Keep dating. Dont get so wrapped up in your lives and become so comfortable with each other that you forget to date. Go out together, set aside a night a week and do something just the two of you. Keep the romance alive.

16. Never stop being there for her. Date your best friend and never stop being friends. Always have fun and be there for her. Share everything with her, be her comfort and confide in her. Its you two against the world; make sure you can count on each other.

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