Scorned Husband Finds Wifes Online Dating Profile And Posts His Revenge On YouTube

In 2013, a mysterious video was uploaded to YouTube by a furious husband about to exact revenge on his unfaithful partner.

It all began when he went to check his emails and made a shocking discovery on the computer he shared with his wife. The unnamed husband found his wife’s profile on a dating website around the time of Valentine’s Day. Becky Jones, 37, supposedly left her email account open, which revealed her secret attempt to meet men in their rural town of Lincolnshire, Britain.

Becky’s profile was created on, a website for single farmers looking for love. She admitted she had been married for five years but that her husband was a “complete idiot” and “crazy.” She also wrote how her husband “doesn’t know I’m on here” and mentioned her love of two things and two things only her car and her horse.

“Unfortunately for you, I have the keys to your lovely convertible Peugeot,” the scorned husband says behind the computer screen. “Let’s see how crazy I am.”

And with that, the husband came up with a drastic plan of revenge. He picked up a tractor-load of horse manure, opened the roof of her Peugeot convertable… and you can take a guess as to what happened next.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he filmed the entire incident and placed it on YouTube where it went viral.

When no one from was available for comment, viewers began speculating the whole thing was set-up as a marketing ploy for the dating site.

It definitely brought the company more publicity, that’s for sure.

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