Seven Signs Prince Harry Really Is Dating Meghan Markle

Are they or arent they? Meghan Markle is a prolific social-media user, and several clues about her relationship status have inevitably leaked online. “>

After several years of false alarms and false starts, it appears Harry has finally found a woman to commit to, amid increasing evidence that the relationship with the Suits star is not just another Prince Harry fever dream of the tabloids.

Official and unofficial Harry sources have refused to confirm or deny anything at all to The Daily Beast, but the following scraps of social media and other evidence have been seized on by eagle-eyed and eager Harry fans around the world:

She wore his bracelet. Harry has always had a thing for ethnic bracelets, and Meghan, 35, posted a picture of herself at the U.K. retreat Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire last week, in which a blue beaded bracelet can be seen on her wrist. It looks exactly like a bracelet worn by the 32-year-old prince and its reported Harry picked it up on one of his trips to Africa.

The bracelet has become an article of faith after it appeared in two different insta-snaps, one taken at the Soho House and another while Meghan was photographing a pile of brainy books she was reading.

She posted a picture of bananas spooning.

This girl is a real tease. On Tuesday, Markle posted a romantic picture of two bananas spooning on Instagram after news of their relationship broke with the caption sleep tight. Most commentators found the image sweet, but one cynic opined, Pfft three weeks ago the press said he was dating Taylor Swift.

Well, you cant please everyone.

He canceled a flight to Canada. Admittedly, canceling a flight to the country your sweetheart lives in isnt often considered the most romantic of gestures, but there have been reports that Harry called off a secret trip he organized to visit Meghan there after news of their relationship was revealed.

A source has said Harry was booked on a 11:30 a.m. British Airways flight from Heathrow to Toronto Tuesday but was a no-show after news broke via reliable royal reporter Camilla Tominey.

If the report is true, then thats the last time Harry flies BA.

Meghan has a soft spot for gingers. According to Meghans embittered sister, who has wasted no time in trashing her half-sibling to the Sun as a shallow social climber who is narcissistic and selfish, Meghan, always preferred Harryshe has a soft spot for gingers.

She took a photo outside Buckingham Palace.

Clearly, this photo was taken after meeting up with Harry at his grannys London home. 

She has met Prince Charles.

One of the most intriguing claims is that Meghan has met several senior royals, including Prince Charles. Once again, the claims have not been denied by sources. If Harry has introduced Meghan to Kate, William, and his dad, as reports claim, this really is significant.

She's a humanitarian.

Meghan may not be blond, like the typical Harry girl, but she is a committed humantarian. She is  a passionate charity campaigner and a United Nations Womens Advocate, who, like Harry’s mother Diana, clearly cares for those worse off than her.

This will be a crucial factor if the relationship goes to the next stage.

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