13 Signs Youre Finally Dating A Good Man

1. He makes an effort to get to know your friends and family. And not just as a favor to you. He genuinely wants to know the people you care about.

2. He actively roots for you and your personal success. He isn’t threatened by your achievements. He’s proud and loves sharing in those moments.

3. You never feel in competition. You are cheering each other on every step of the way.

4. He is respectful to your feelings. He doesn’t call you emotional or crazy. He tries to understand where you’re coming from, and if he can’t, he isn’t invalidating towards you.

5. He is respectful to women in general. He doesn’t make inappropriate comments about other women’s appearances. He doesn’t tear them down just because.

6. He shows up when he says he will. Both physically and emotionally. If he commits to something, you know he will come through.

7. He’ll buy you tampons while he’s at the store because he remembered you saying you were running low.

8. He’ll help you move or build furniture (that you first attempted to do on your own) without even needing to be asked.

9. He thinks of you two as a team. You’re partners in everything you do, always giving equally.

10. He lets you know how he feels about you. He doesn’t play games. He isn’t cold or withdrawn. His love for you is never something he hides.

11. He makes you feel special. Even when you’re having a terrible day and everything seems to be falling apart. He’ll find a way to remind you how important you are to him.

12. He’s trustworthy. You can tell him anything and know it will stay safe with him.

13. Cheesy as it may sound, he inspires you to be a better person. And that’s the very epitome of a good man.

Read more: http://thoughtcatalog.com/kris-miller/2016/11/13-signs-youre-finally-dating-a-good-man/

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