10 Pearls Of Wisdom Our Grandmas Passed Down To Us About Dating

Dating has certainly changed in recent years. With all of those online apps floating around, it seems that meeting up with strangers has turned into a much more normal thing than meeting people in real life.

Yet, even withthe advent of all of this, there are some things that will never change when it comes to relationships.

Yes, gender roles have drastically changed since Grandma’s times, and sometimes things move much, much faster than they did back in the first half of the 1900s. However, when it comes to the fundamental goals and hopes in dating, so many things have remained the same. There is dating advice all over the place, but Grandma has the wisdom to look at all the right and wrong choices she made herself in orderto give the best possible dating tidbits something we’ve all been waiting to hear.

What other wisdomdid your grandmother pass along about dating? Let us know in the comments.


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1. “He Asks You Out, He Pays”


Our grandmothers grew up believing that if a man asks you out, he should be the one to pay for the first date. It may be a bit old-fashioned, but it shows that he’s invested in you and wants tomake a good impression.

2. “If He Can’t Laugh At Himself, He’s No Good”


A sense of humor is crucial in relationships, because if you can’t lightheartedly laugh at yourself or at yourpartner, then its going to be incredibly hard to get through tough times. Grandma knew that humor is like glue in a relationship.

3. “Don’t Listen To What Everyone Else Is Saying”


No one knows what’s in your heart more than yourself. If you’re going to listen to anyone about what to do with your love life, listen to Grandma when she tells you to go with your gut instincts and figure it out for yourself. This may take some reflection, but only you know the answer.

4. “If He Doesn’t Have The Stuff, Don’t Bother”


If you’re not attracted to a man, then don’t waste your time. Life is too short to wonder whether or not you will someday find that person attractive, so why not move on so you can each find that person who fulfills all of your needs?

5. “Only Date Gentlemen”


The only way to find out if he’s a gentleman is to give him the opportunity to show you. Let him call you, and if he doesn’t? He is not worth one more minute of your time.

6. “Leave Him Wanting More”


Our grandmothersknew that it was improper to kiss on the first date, and that it was better to dress on the modest side so he’d be left wanting more for the next date. If you space out your physical connection, then it can stayin line with the emotional one.

7. “Trust In Fate”


My very own grandmother thought that she had found the love of her life. When he passed early on, she found new love in his best friend and my grandfather. Sometimes things seem too sad to be true, or too good to be true. But our grandmothers knew that in the end, they will even out. Trust in fate.

8. “Poop Or Get Off The Pot”


Pardon my French, but there will be times in life where you’ve got to decide whether to make a commitment or walk away. Dating is no exception. Our grandmothers knew that if you’re at a crossroads and you’re not sure if you want to move forward with someone or call it quits, you can’t just sit down in the middle of the road looking in both directions. Don’t waste your time and his. Make the decision, as tough as it may be.

9. “Stay Single!”


There are times in life when dating isn’t the first priority. Having lived through so much, our grandmothers know that careers, health, friendships, and passions are all great reasons to take yourself out of the dating pool temporarily. Stay single when you want to!

10. “When It’s Done, He’s Gone”


Remaining friends after a breakup from a serious or tumultuous relationship can dampen your future happiness. Our grandmothers wouldn’t keep him around and they don’t think you should either. Instead, use the time after your breakup to get to know yourself again and only get back in the game when you’re ready.

What dating advice did your grandmother give to you? Let us know in the commentsand

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