6 Ways A Relationship Can Completely Change Who You Are For The Better

Having fun, dating and meeting new guys is fun and exciting. It’s also a necessary phasein getting toknow people and being able to refine your preferences (and yourself) at the same time. A meaningful relationship can only be constructed when both the man and the woman possess a certain level of maturity, self-awarenessand awareness of each other.

I strongly believe that both young men and women should first get through a series of dating and scouting before diving intoa relationship. The main purpose is to ensure you get involved in a relationship for all the right reasons, and are not wasting your precious time and energy on something that isn’t worth your while.

A meaningful relationship is supposed to improve your life on multiple levels. Here’s why:

1. You discover yourself on a deeper level.

Relationships can help you know yourself at a more profound level. Sharing, sympathy, compassion, understanding, support and loveall geta whole new meaning when felt for and reciprocatedby a partner.

You may have lots of awesome friends and a close relationship with your family, but none of these are quite like therelationship with your partner. It’s a particular bond that makes you feel specialand brings along unique feelings while unveilingnew facetsof your personality.

Getting to know yourself better through a relationship with another person is a bit ironic.Trying to understand them, in many cases, will lead to a better understanding of yourselfwhile facing new circumstances and rapports will open up new visions and horizons you haven’t noticed before.

Though not all partnersyou choose to be with will help you surface the best version of yourself, they will help you discover and explore your emotional potential, strength and personal skills.Not all feelings will be positive and happy, however. Negative emotions and experienceswill also lead to self-discovery and self-growth.

In the end, you cannot treasure happiness if you haven’t experienced sorrow, just as you cannot find meaning in a relationship if you haven’t tried a few.

2. Your self-esteem gets a boost.

Yes, you are a self-reliant, strong woman and don’t need a man to confirm it. Yet, a meaningful relationship will make you feel even stronger, almost invincible. Nothing can boost your self-confidence and bring about that peace of mind likeknowing there is someone who listens to you, understands you, cares about you, believes in you and always supports you.

Finally, having a quality partnerby your side makes you feel more valuable, ambitious, skilled, beautiful and more of a person.In turn, a higher confidence level can outburst in all aspects of your life, from social connections to your career.

3. Your stress reduces.

A meaningful relationship will significantly reduce your stress levels and risk of depression, both at a psychological and physical level. It’s comforting to know somebody is there whenever you need them. It brings about emotional stability and a feeling of personal fulfillment. Besides, sex within a solid relationship is far more satisfying, regular and safe.

On the other hand, there is no tension to go out, draw attention, meet new guys and impress them. Whether you had an age-related anxiety to start a relationship, or your family and friends set such pressures (directly or through example), the reality is when you have a boyfriend, you are proud of yourself for finding a meaningful connection. This confidence will reflect inyour relationships with family, friends, colleagues, etc.

4. Positivity reigns supreme.

Meaningful connections with a partnerwill make you feel positive about life in general, and about who you are in particular.A meaningful relationship will make you value and enjoy life much more becauseit will instantly change your attitude and optimism, and you’ll become more aware of your personal potential.A happy person is a better person.

5. Your personal development will only enhance.

There are two dimensions to this perspective:

First, you get to know your partner’sworld and mindsetand thus enrich upon yours. And secondly, your partnerwill be supportive of your passions and your dreams, and will help you achieve them.

A partnerwho’s truly committed to you will go further than just presenting you theirworld. They’ll make you a part of theirbiggest passions and dreams, theirlikes and dislikes, theirway of doing things and theirway of thinking. There is much to learn from divingdeeplyinto your partner’s world. So, make sure you appreciate themfor giving you thechance to do so.

Most of the time, all you need to chaseafter what you want is someone who truly believes in your potential. Though your parents might be doing a great job of it, you’ll always find them overly involved to express an honest, objective opinion. A partneris just the right person toreinforce your willpower and ambition to reach out for your dreams.

6. There are notable health benefits.

I’ve already pointed out that a steady relationship diminishes the levels of stress, and that it can bring positivity in your life, yet there are even more health benefits to be considered here.

A couple is more likely to develop healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. For instance, cooking a nice meal for two makes much more sense than grabbing a snack in front of the TV eachevening alone.If one of you goes jogging (or practices some kind of sport), the other is more likely to try it out and even start practicing it regularly.

Similarly, if you start a new diet, it’s likely your partnerwill also try to eat healthier, if only for the new healthy options in the fridge. And lastly, having a partner can be all the motivation you needto get yourself back in the gym and on a regular workout regimen.

All in all, a meaningful relationship can really change your life and make you a much better person. It all depends on the connection you have with your partner, and your determination to make the best of it.

In the end, not all relationships are meaningful. It’s up to you to adopt the above indicators or opt for others, yet what is sure is that you have to experience relationships in order to find meaning, love and happiness.

This article was originally published on the author’s personal blog.

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