She Met Him On A Dating Website And Thought He Was A Gentlemen, Then Found Out He Was A Murderer

A New Mexico woman who has chosen to stay anonymous for her safety realized everyone’s online dating nightmare when she met “Danny.” Her story teaches all of us to be careful who you meet online.

“Danny,” who is actually George Daniel Wechsler and a wanted murderer, decided to leave those details out of his online datingprofile where the nameless woman first saw him.

She explains that she knew him from the call center that they both worked at and when she, “saw his picture” on the site, she “messaged him and we became friends.”

They started seeing each other and she even described him as a “gentlemen” and “very communicative.”

Of course, the terrifying truth began to reveal itself when he started talking about “giving up” and made a comment saying, “I don’t think my dad will realize his gun is missing.”

At which point, the woman knew she had to call the police and that something was terribly wrong. Good thing she listened to her instincts and did the right thing by calling authorities.

As it turns out, Wechsler did the unthinkable and is suspected of murdering his ex-girlfriend and her three kids in their home on December 5. The mother is in critical condition and the kids sadly did not make it.

The situation becomes even more horrifying when the woman he met online explains that he was always calm when he talked about his ex-girlfriend, proving how crucial it is to keep your guard up and thoroughly background check someone before meeting them.

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