Frank’s Story

Frank's Story

Last chance to move on.

Frank's Story

He is almost your typical kind of college student; he browses the internet, likes to play video games, and tries to get by in his classes. In one of his classes he befriends another student named Jonathon (let’s call him John to keep it short, which was also his nickname). Frank and John were at first partners for an in-class project which lead them to later being friends, grabbing some food and even hanging out every once in awhile. Frank had invited me to have lunch with him and his partner John. To our surprise John had actually brought this really cute girl with him, I had thought it was his girlfriend, but it was actually his sister.

Frank's Story

Oh man she was gorgeous, hazel eyes, fair skin, smooth brunette hair, and actually someone who is very easily to talk to. Anyways the three of them actually started to see more of each other over the course of the semester, and me, well I was just invited to some of their get-togethers. (I was just a friend of Frank’s from the year before; we took calculus together and now taking a computer science class that semester.)

Frank and Kathy started to get close; they exchanged numbers and began texting each other. John didn’t care too much, his sister was her own person and he was actually younger than her, he wasn’t the over-protective brother type. And me, well as much as I would have liked to gotten to know Kathy more, I personally was dumped from a recent girlfriend so I was just focusing on school.

Frank's Story

He told me he actually didn’t have many friends, and that I was one of his closest if not his best friend. Frank would then start telling me personal things about his life; I guess he wanted to open up to me. It felt awkward and weird at first; just because I haven’t known the guy for that long. But he didn’t really have anyone else, and I wasn’t just going to start ignoring him.

I was always that guy who loved to go out drinking, clubs, and parties. The best description I’d have is that I was a frat guy. The more I got to know Frank, he was the guy I could count on and call if I ever needed help or actual advice.

Frank's Story

One day I’m at his place after finishing up some homework, we were going to grab some food but before that he wanted to talk. He tells me that he has never been with a girl, and hasn’t even been as far as to kiss a girl, which then leads to how he was genuinely started to like maybe love Kathy. I told him that this happens to everyone with the person they first to like. He told me that he’s only ever liked/loved one other girl, and that was a long story in itself. (If you guys enjoy this one enough, and if Frank let’s me, I’ll be gladly willing to share.) My advice to him was, “Dude. Just ask her out. Worst case is that you get rejected, but at least you tried.â€

His response was “Well I think she would say yes. Actually I’m pretty sure it would be a yes. But that’s not the problem. After this semester, John and Kathy are moving back home to New Hampshire for family reasons. (We live in Georgia btw.) So even if I did ask her out, and say she says yes. What’s the point of dating some girl for 2 months? A long distance relationship built off of only 2 months is hardly unlikely.â€

Frank's Story

(Not until a few years later when talking to him about this entire story again, did I truly understand how devastated he really was. And how right…)

Frank's Story

It was silent. He slumped, his head leaning towards the floor, a huge sigh is let out.

I felt like I didn’t have anything to say. I felt like I couldn’t… And even though I hadn’t known Frank for any more than a year now. I knew. He was ALMOST like your typical college student. But he wasn’t. He isn’t someone just to date a girl just for the “experience.â€

Frank's Story

What happened within the next few moments really surprised me. Frank just stood up and uttered, “Its okay. I’ll do something… Something is better than nothing.†He just grabbed his keys and walked out the room silently.

I looked at him, and as he left, I was just completely perplexed on what he was going to do or what he was thinking.

Next thing I know I hear, “Hey let’s get some gyros!†We got some food, but we avoided the entire conversation from before, as if it had never happened. It was probably what he wanted.

Frank's Story

Frank and I occasionally hanging out, we even registered for the same online history class. One day he tells me, that Kathy actually invited him to visit her during our break. Frank never did ask Kathy out, but they continued to call and text each other the entire time. Frank tells me I should come with so we would all be able to hang out again, John, Frank, Kathy and I. But it was just impossible. I was completely swamped with things and couldn’t just go on a two week trip. I tell Frank he should go by himself and just have a great time, but not to neglect the online assignment quizzes and exams.

Frank's Story

Well Frank goes on his road trip and when he arrives at the address, he knocks on the door and when it opened, of course it was Kathy! But it looked like she had just woken up, she invites him in, and her place seemed kind of dirty. Everything was unorganized, some objects and clothes lying all around the floor and yet nonetheless he was just happy to see her.

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