Everything I Want To Say To The Girl Who Replaced Me

We havent met (yet), so you probably dont know me. Or you do based on his stories.

Im either the girl he never reallyloved, or the annoying girl he regrets ever dating. I could also be the girl who tried too hard, or the girl who never really tried at all. The thing is, Im just happy hes with you now.

Dont break his heart.

What we had, for me, was really special. But Im happy to know he could have something even more special with you.

He sees so much good in people and he gives so much love,most of the time its intoxicating.

Let him shower you with his warmth and his love. Let him hold your hand when things get rough. Let him embrace all your worries away. Let him fill your life with so much joy and so much happinessyou find yourself constantly wondering what you did to deserve this much bliss in your life.

One of these days, you might get tired of his silly habits, the way he laughs or the way he chews his food.

Youllprobably hate the fact that he has his own priorities, and that he knows what he wants in life.

He loves his family so much,appreciate and love that about him.

He will drive you crazy, but hes worth every second of the insanity.

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