How You Doin’? 10 Friends Catchphrases That Will Never Die

If you are a superfan of the show “Friends” (like I am), the rumors of a “Friends” reunion is causing you to go a little crazy.

(OMG, I am pumped!)

However, the NBC special is more of a tribute to director James Burrows.

The hype of this being a “reunion” of the “Friends” characters might be getting a little out of hand.

But, none of us care because we’ve been dreaming about this since the show ended in 2004.

We learned so many life lessonsfrom the characters on “Friends,” whether it was the proper way to eat a sandwich, how to sail a sailboat or what to do if your wife turns out to be a lesbian.

We absorbed their words and actions like sponges.

To this day, we use them in our everyday lives as a way for the show to live on forever.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. “Pivot!”

I dont know about the rest of you, but any time I’m moving a piece of furniture, I’m yelling, “Pivot!” at least once.

This usually makes everyone laugh, and we almost drop whatever it is we’re carrying.

2. Thanksgiving Pants

There is nothing more exciting than thinking about being able to eat whatever you want without your pants getting any tighter.

Admit it: You have considered purchasing a pair of maternity pants to use as your Thanksgiving pants.

3. “We were on a break!”

No one can forget the time when Ross slept with someone else while he and Rachel were on a break.

It caused an argument for decades about whether or not it is okay to sleep with someone else one hourafter you break up with someone.

4. “How you doin’?”

This was the ultimate pickup line in the ’90s, thanks to Joey Tribbiani.

Id like to take a poll to see how many people use this today, and how effective it really is.

5.“Va’ fa Napoli!”

This is the polite way of saying “vaffanculo,” whichbasically means “f*ck you” in Italian.

I challenge you to use it in a sentence today.

It is by far my favorite swear word.

6. “Oh. My. God.”

This phrase is only annoying if you mimic Janice’s screechy voice.

But be careful not to overuse it, or you might strain your vocal cords.

7. “My eyes!”

This is what Phoebe says when she sees Chandler and Monica doing it from Ross apartment window.

This phrase can be used any time you see something you cant unsee, and it makes you feel like your eyes are melting out of your head.

An example of this? The time Miley Cyrus twerked on Robin Thicke.

8. Holiday Armadillo

Chandler’s reaction to Ross dressed up as an armadillo is, by far, one of my favorite lines of the show.

“What are you doing here, weird turtle man?”

This is what I should start saying to my boss every time he steps into my office.

9. “That is brand new information.”

This is whensomeone tells you something you already know, but you are trying to act like you don’t.

You suck at acting, so it sounds fake.

For instance, if the person tells you he or she got a boob job (went from an A to a D)and thinks you’re blind, just go, “That is brand new information.”

10. Seven

Monica gave everyone sex tips based solely on numbering female body parts.

Number seven was a big hit and proved once and for all that it is the most important stop on the route.

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