Community Post: What it’s like being Forever Alone

1. This is your everyday

2. When you try and go out for once

4. When you spend a lot of your time watching Netflix

6. And you scream at the screen

7. What a guy says when you hookup

8. Your response

9. When you walk around

Why bother with clothes, hair, and makeup when you have personality.

10. When the guy you’re secretly interested in tells you about a girl he met

11. When a guy doesn’t text you back

12. When you try to look nice for a date

13. You could use a little more self esteem

You’re probably like really pretty.

14. When you brag about yourself in front of guys

16. And talk about your hobbies

18. You’re also super subtle.

20. Like way subtle

22. Okayyou may think you’re being more subtle than you actually are.

24. You would never consider your guy friend

I mean there is no way he’s into you. Or cute enough.

25. When you see a cute guy

28. If he actually approaches you

30. You have an explanation for why you are often alone

31. When people compliment you with the words cute

32. Your friends always give you confusing advice on dating

Likewhat does that even mean?

34. When another girl tries to hit on the guy you like

35. When a guy leaves you after a hookup

38. What the guys that hit on you are all like

40. This plan isn’t working as well as you hoped

41. When people ask what you’re thinking about

42. You wish you had the confidence to do this

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