Dating The Help MGTOW

“Hi Sandman, I have some stuff to tell you. Of course you’re more experienced in this department, but I have to warn you, about dating models, waitresses and strippers etc. I was on vacation and went to a bar few months ago and I met this absolutely stunning girl who was a model. I talked to her and we exchanged phone numbers etc. We met a few more times and she told me she worked as a stripper and then she went into modelling. She wants to be a beauty pageant contestant/winner. Long story short, I feel quite ashamed writing this to you because after I met her and started socializing with her friends (she’s from Southeast Asia) I later learned that she might be doing some ‘work’ off the side, if you catch my drift. I Haven’t asked her about it yet, but just a day before we slept together. And the next day she starts pestering me about buying her expensive designer stuff. I guess it’s 100% my fault in my weak emotional state that I fell for a very pretty face and sexy body, who was also a very nice person to begin with. Turns out she is a very cold hearted person with an absolutely MASSIVE ego. Now she wants me to go with her to a southeast Asian country to ‘spend some time together’ which is actually code for a shopping trip for her. So yeah, I will shake her off, but you need to heed my warning : The prettier the face, the colder the heart.” Well Mr. Anonymous I’ll pass down your advice down to everyone listening. It’s only human nature for the majority of women that are good looking to feel entitled to getting cash and prizes from men. They are working with what nature gave them. And ironically many such women are there doing customer service jobs up close and personal with men. Those include waitresses, strippers and you might as well put in many house cleaners and maids in that mix as well. And the reason I titled this video dating the help is because I want to warn everyone about dating women that do customer service jobs or work that requires them to be bubbly and smiley while they are doing it. Because I don’t care who you are, but if you’re forced to smile to people in your working life at your customer service job then do you really think you’ll have anything left over at the end of the day for the guy you’re dating? In the past when I dated women that worked with the general public I would sometimes visit them at work and they would be pleasant angels.

10 pictures paid for and licensed through (In order of appearance)

1. Alen-D Surprised Housewife With Iron

2. AZZ_art Sexy housewife cleaning floor in the kitchen, similar available at my portfolio

3. Alen-D Funny Housewife / Woman Behind Window Spraying The Cleaner On Glass

4. Katalinks Wearing Sexy French Maid Costume

5. kornienko Attractive And Sexy Housewife

6. NejroN Photo Beautiful Happy Housewife With Rubber Gloves

7. rosipro Amazed beautiful pinup lady holding hoover in apartment

8. sakkmesterke Sexy Brunette Woman In Underwear Laying On Bed

9. rosipro Funny girl in curlers with red spray and rainbow duster

10. prometeus Shot of a funny woman housewife dressed in retro style.

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