Ariana Grande’s Famous Ponytail Is Having A Quarter-Life Crisis At 23

Pop star Ariana Grande would like you to know she’s not a child anymore, OK? So just stop asking already.

Perhaps it’s the persistent rumors that Grande loves to be carried like a baby between sets, but it seems as if she is trying to prove her adulthoodevery day. And for her 23rdbirthday on June 26, Grande even let loose on her trademark ponytail.

The hairstyle, you might recall, has been the subject of many internet trend pieces. Grande has publicly claimed her stint as a redhead on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat ruined her hair, forcing herinto heavy extensions and a tightly bound style.

Whatever the case, the pony is roughly the length and width of Grande’s own body. She wields it like a sexy weapon.

But at the ripe old age of 23, the ponytail looked in the mirror and realized it didn’t even like itself anymore. All these years of stardom and pressure have given it a nervous breakdown. And so, Grande debuted a self-described alien birthday princess space pony for her party.

Oh yes, those are custom-made metal rings through the top. Edgy, huh? It’s like getting 15 nose rings for your ponytail.

Hair stylist Chris Appleton posted a similar photo to his own Instagram, adding that the star was wearing custom-made hair hoops. My only question is,but why?

Based on the information available, we can only assume Grande’s pony is just trying to find itself. If this photo was a pop song, it would be I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman, sung by Britney Spears while dramatically overlooking a canyon at the end ofCrossroads.

May we suggest adding cigarettes, tiny bottles of vodka or something equally rebellious to the pony next time?

For what it’s worth, hair hoops seem to be a signature look for Appleton, the man behind the famous locks of Demi Lovato, Shay Mitchell and Jennifer Lopez. Christina Aguilera has also been spotted wearing a similar style.

Happy birthday, Ariana Grande’s ponytail. You’ll survive your quarter-life crisis, no problem. One day, you might even become a full-fledged Cher wig.

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